Standard Work

Our powerful centralized platform to manage your standardized processes, essential for reaching World Class reliable results

Achieve Operational excellence through standard operational processes.

Essential for reaching World Class reliable results, standardized processes are among the most powerful, but least used lean tools. Standard work is the foundation for daily operations and continuous improvement.

As standard work is improved, the new one becomes the baseline for further improvements, and so on. Improving everyday work is an infinite loop. This loop contains four steps:

  • Stabilize the process
  • Standardize the process
  • Sustain the process
  • Improve the process
Santinela Standard Work

Through its modules, Santinela helps your organization in all four steps.

The Standard Work Module is specially designed to standardize and sustain your processes (Step 2 and Step 3), empowering you to:

  • Centralize all standard work documents in your factories in ONE powerful mobile/web platform
  • Automatically trigger standard work through specific events or pre-defined schedules 
  • Assign the right standard work to the right persons
  • Make available essential standard work elements and aids directly on mobile devices
  • Create an exhaustive overview of the respect of standards in the organization

There are multiple advantages to use our Standard Work Module:

  • Eliminate pen&paper from all your standard work duties
  • Have exhaustive traceability of all checks and work assignments – great to sustain the processes 
  • Tag non-conformities in real-time through the Santinela ticketing module (Santinela TIA)
  • Improve real-time response as your teams are instantly notified about non-conformities and actions to be taken
  • Save massive amounts of time to centralize data regarding standard work reliably
  • Transform standard work into a reliable data source and baseline to improve your processes (Step 4)
  • Keep track of audit scores across products, processes, and sites
  • Generate CEO-ready quality standard work reports

Check out Santinela STDW to reach World Class Results through reliable standard processes.