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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
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Santinela OEE Software

Downtime and speed loss are

just two categories in the total profile of possible equipment issues faced in today’s high pressure manufacturing environment. Time constraints and lack of correct data often results in quick fixes being deployed instead of more detailed root cause analysis and reliable solutions implementation.

Santinela OEE Software

Many manufacturers are already using OEE, both as a performance indicator and as a catalyst for change. It has risen to become the benchmark solution used to ‘keep score’ of manufacturing performance across machines and sites, taking a broad view of all aspects of production.

To deliver the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics, we need to multiply the key factors that affect performance.

What does OEE mean? OEE formula calculation:
OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality.

A measure of the time the plant was actually available for production compared to the manufacturing requirements. Any losses in this area would be due to major breakdowns or extended set up time.

The rate the actual units are produced compared to the designed output. Losses in this area would be due to slow running speed, minor stoppages or adjustments and or material shortages.

A measure of good quality, saleable product, minus any waste. Losses for this element would be damaged rejects or products needing re-alignment.

Santinela OEE Software module calculates and monitors all the above and provides you with the correct OEE level that is relative to the current performance against the optimum that can be achieved. All lost opportunities are highlighted, with recommendations for reducing waste, leading to improved and enhanced profitability.

Improved manufacturing effectiveness has numerous knock-on effects across scheduling, material usage and waste, product quality and labour productivity and, of course, energy consumption.

In addition, when previously hidden losses are uncovered, some major commercial benefits arise. The ability to produce the same volume in less time, or to produce the more volume at the same time.

OEE can save companies from making inappropriate investments. An integral component of our solutions framework, OEE has become the ‘de facto’ manufacturing performance metric for those that are intent on maximising their asset performance and operational efficiency.

It should be noted that smaller manufacturers using basic tools (pen & paper, excel etc) will waste a considerable amount of time manipulating and analysing productivity data. They will outgrow their tools very quickly and at some point they will need to look for more powerful applications, such as the high performance Santinela solutions.

SAntinela OEE Software

The production lines’ yield has a great impact on costs and all-around turnover, as well as the quality of products and other factors. Unplanned downtime, equipment defects or reduced speed of operating machinery are all clear signs of a low yield in production lines. Our mission is to prevent these from happening in the first place, through fighting their root causes:
  • Lack of Downtime Correct Measurement
  • Lack of enough and correct information on the problems that cause the downtime
  • Lack of shop floor staff engagement, understanding and motivation

Santinela OEE Software module watches over production lines activity in real-time, providing a comprehensive perspective on issues affecting them, it does this with the following tools:

  • OEE Monitoring and reporting, through intuitive identification and troubleshooting instruments
  • Automatic / Semi-automatic Downtime / Defect Handling System
  • Extensive Media Capabilities to create detailed descriptions of line problems
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface for shop floor staff
  • Curative Intervention Management through Santinela TIA ticketing system
  • Advanced Reporting Analysis 
  • Production management and monitoring
  • Real-time diagnoses of downtime – with extensive multimedia support
  • Efficient and effective Defect Handling System

Santinela OEE Software is backed up by years of Lean/TPM consulting experience - ensuring your business is not only monitored but supported – maximising your results.

With Santinela OEE you will improve both the production lines’ yield and your business revenue. 
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