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Increased Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and industrial productivity through flexible mobile technology

Santinela is a mobile, collaborative, lean productivity management system. It ensures ultra-fast deployments, customised equipment monitoring solutions and intelligent connectivity to industrial machines and information systems. The Santinela platform offers the easiest and most cost-effective way to synchronise the activities of your factory teams, increase the OEE of your production lines and, generally, increase the productivity of your industrial operations.

Santinela OEE

The Web / Mobile Module of our Santinela platform that integrates OEE Monitoring, equipment downtime management features, as well as a pragmatic automatic and semi-automatic defect handling system.

Santinela TIA

A centralised, holistic, mobile ticket management system that provides a full problem-solving flows environment, with extensive multimedia capabilities as well as real-time chat capabilities to clearly describe issues and solutions.

Santinela CMMS

A mobile, computerized Maintenance Management System Integrated with Santinela TIA and Santinela OEE